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From Zeeland, for everyone in the Netherlands!

We are Jordy and Stijn, two friends with a tremendous passion for hospitality. As an entrepreneur, whether within or outside the hospitality industry, you know all too well that the success of your business depends on a sparkling service provided by enthusiastic staff. The right training is crucial in achieving so. However, in the hustle and bustle of life, this is easier said than done. We are eager to share our enthusiasm and passion for hospitality with your staff through this workshop. They will elevate your business, with pleasure, to a higher level and higher revenue.

After all, hospitality is rooted in everyone’s DNA, and we intend to unleash it!

Stijn van Boxtel en Jordy van Heese - Workshop gastvrijheid en boek over horeca van OBER! OBER! in Zeeland - Twee obers, met liefde voor gastvrijheid.

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What can you expect from the Hospitality training and workshops?

In 2021, we released our book specifically for aspiring hospitality talents. This book comprises various building blocks, each focusing on an important aspect of hospitality. Together with you, we determine which building blocks are relevant to your company and staff. This ensures that we can deliver an interactive, educational, and easily applicable training and workshop to your entire team!

During the workshop, there will be room for personal questions and addressing the challenges your team may be facing. With a blend of humor, interaction and a practical approach, it will be an enjoyable and accessible way for all participants to develop their skills. Curious about the possibilities for your organisation? Fill out the form and request a hospitable conversation.

You want...

Skilled staff

A team that is confident and stands firm. When in doubt, they will ask questions. Going the extra mile? No problem!

Generating more revenue

Having influence on increasing sales becomes a piece of cake. Mistakes happen less frequently, but when they do occur, they have a smaller impact. More money comes in, and losses are minimized.

Satisfied guests

Happy staff, happy guests! Your guests lack nothing. Their needs are anticipated flawlessly.

Testimonials about the Training & Workshop in Hospitality

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Who is this Hospitality training for?

This Hospitality Training is for all organizations where service is incorporated.

This workshop is NOT for organizations that...

This workshop is for organisations that...

The Hospitality training and Workshop:

OBER! OBER! - boek horeca en workshop gastvrijheid


The Hospitality Workshop is modular and built with different building blocks. This allows us to cover topics that are relevant to your company. It is also possible to conduct the workshop in Dutch.

OBER! OBER! - boek horeca en workshop gastvrijheid


Sounds sophisticated. We have incorporated the theories from the book OBER! OBER! into practical exercises, making them understandable and applicable.

OBER! OBER! - boek horeca en workshop gastvrijheid

Challenging & engaging

Our workshops are interactive and challenging. Sitting still is not an option. We translate every aspect of hospitality into real-life situations.

OBER! OBER! - boek horeca en workshop gastvrijheid

Experiences & tips

By sharing personal experiences and tips, your staff will gain insight into what we have learned from the mistakes we have made. Participants also learn from each other.

The building blocks of a Hospitality Training and workshop

Customize your own Hospitality Workshop

The training and workshop consists of multiple building blocks that stem from the theories presented in our book. Each workshop starts with the fundamentals of hospitality and then follows its own path. This path is based on the specific needs and preferences of your organization. Which building blocks do you consider important?

This is the kick-off of every training and workshop we conduct, laying the figurative foundation for the rest of the workshop. We discuss hospitality from the broadest possible perspective. What does hospitality mean? How do we experience hospitality? And why do we choose to return to a place? By answering these questions, we aim to make the “why” crystal clear, in order to achieve maximum results from the workshop

Guests and customers have an abundance of choices when it comes to spending their money on the same products and services. That’s why it’s crucial to look at your product and service from the perspective of the guest. This allows the team to identify opportunities to differentiate the company. It also involves creating awareness and letting go of routines. The central question we ask in this regard is, “How can we exceed the guest’s expectations at every stage of the guest journey?”

A common assumption is that verbal communication constitutes the largest part of total communication, but in reality, it is the smallest part. What, then, does non-verbal communication and intonation do to the guest, our colleagues, and most importantly, ourselves? How can we receive and communicate with guests in the most hospitable manner?

Every guest is unique and has different needs. It sounds logical, right? However, recognizing these guests and catering to their needs often proves to be challenging in practice. We will work together with your team to identify the various target groups and develop actions to exceed guest expectations.

Complaints often evoke negative sentiments, and we would rather do without customers or guests who complain. But why should we be happy with a complaint? How do we handle a complaint in a neutral manner and ensure that it is not taken personally? What is the impact on your company when a complaint is not resolved properly? We will discuss an internationally recognized model used in major hotel chains, providing your staff with tools to effectively resolve complaints and transform your complainers into ambassadors!

Selling a service or product can sometimes be a challenge. Is the guest or customer interested in this? Does this product or service enhance the guest experience? The art of upselling lies in setting up the situation in the right way. Based on 7 techniques of influence, we identify opportunities to increase value in your specific context. Without making the customer or guest feel like they are being sold to.

”Teamwork makes the dream work”. Een mooi gezegde wat de spijker op z’n kop slaat, maar het klinkt makkelijker dan het is. Goed samen werken begint in de basis uit nieuwsgierigheid naar en respect voor elkaar. Goed luisteren en gegronde feedback geven op elkaars handelingen wanneer nodig is van belang om het niveau van gastvrijheid te verhogen, maar ook om plezier met elkaar te hebben! Dit is Stijn z’n favoriete module omdat het hele prikkelende gesprekken met elkaar oplevert en het voelbaar de team dynamiek verhoogt.

Positioning is about the position you want to take in the perception of your target audience, in relation to other providers. In other words, why would a guest choose your organization? What are your core values? What do you want to achieve as a team? Using Simon Sinek’s Why, How & What theory, we work together with the participants to develop a value proposition/mission/vision that answers these questions.

Have you ever visited your own organization as a guest? What stood out to you? In this building block, we look at our restaurant or organization through the eyes of the guest. The task is to observe as much as possible and then describe how it makes you feel. A small adjustment in our daily actions can make the biggest difference in the guest experience.

To differentiate ourselves as an organization and be creative, we often hear that we need to think “out-of-the-box.” But if everyone is already thinking out-of-the-box, should we maybe try thinking “in-the-box” for a change? In this building block, we delve deeper into this concept, and after a good dose of inspiration, we challenge the participants to come up with a realistic and implementable plan to enhance hospitality. This building block is Jordy’s favorite part due to its creative approach.

Hospitality is much broader than the building blocks we offer. Besides that, we are up for a challenge to create something special tailored to your wishes. That’s why we would like to assess your organisation’s specific needs. What are your main concerns? What is mentioned in the reviews? There is a solution in hospitality for every problem!

practical information

The information provided is based on our standard training and workshop. Depending on your specific requirements, which we can discuss in a conversation, we will tailor a customized proposal to meet your needs.

Curious about what this could mean for your organisation? Join us for a cup of coffee!

Our working method

Your hospitality training and workshop in 7 steps!

Request hospitable conversation

Please fill out the form below as completely as possible to request a hospitable meeting.

Hospitable conversation

Online or on location, we have a hospitable conversation. Here we get acquainted, define needs and goals, and see if OBER! OBER! is right for you. Is your organization ready for change?

Receive and compare proposal

We will propose a training and workshop based on the welcoming conversation and your desired outcome. In this proposal you will find all the information you need to make a choice. We like to challenge you to request other quotes and see what best suits your organization.

Preparation training and workshop

You go ahead with the business, we prepare the workshop. Leading up to the workshop, we'll be in touch for final details.

The Hospitality training and Workshop

Time for action! The workshop takes place.


We measure participant satisfaction at the end of the training and workshop, but are happy to sit down with you to find out if we met, or even exceeded, your expectations.


During the training and workshop, we plant a hospitable seed in participants to help them retain what they have learned longer.

Does this approach seem like something that would fit your organization? Request a hospitality meeting.

And what else...

Every training workshop includes...

Uitnodiging voor de training hospitality - Training klantgerichtheid: vergroot uw concurrentievermogen in de markt

Customized invitation

We will create a custom invitation for you to send to all participants. This way, together we ensure maximum attendance and maximum return.

Goodie Bag - OBER! OBER! - Gastvrijheidstraining voor de retail: trek meer klanten aan met uw service

Goodie bag

At the end of the training and workshop, all participants will receive an OBER! OBER! goodie bag with the book, a bookmark and stickers. The book is only in dutch for now. In this you also have the opportunity to put something of your own in it.

Certificaat generiek aan het einde van de training - OBER! OBER! - Gastvrijheidstraining voor de retail: trek meer klanten aan met uw service


At the end of the training and workshop, all participants will receive an OBER! OBER! Certificate. This makes them OBER! OBER!-proof and ready to get back to work full of energy and knowledge about hospitality!

Ready to take your business to a more hospitable level?

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Fotoshoot Stijn van Boxtel en Jordy van Heese voor het boek OBER! OBER!

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Are you interested in a hospitality training and workshop? Fill out the form below as completely as possible and request a hospitable conversation.